We Just HAVE To Know Who The Idiot Was

, , , | Right | April 19, 2019

(I’m doing my weekly shopping when a woman I have never seen before blocks my way out of the aisle. She’s got hold of one of the managers.)

Woman: *pointing at me* “There! Hire him!”

Manager: “I’m sorry? I thought you said someone was injured.”

Woman: “HIRE HIM!”

(He looks at me. We’re both very confused.)

Manager: “Ugh, you’re hired?”

Woman: “Now, fire him!”

Manager: “…”

(She glares at him so much it looks like she might burst a blood vessel.)

Manager: “You’re fired.”

Woman: “HA! I told you I would do something!”

Me: “Do we know each other?”

(She looks dumbstruck and starts digging around in her handbag. She produces a pair of glasses and puts them on.)

Woman: “D***. Wrong idiot. Come on—“

(She reached for the manager, but he’d disappeared out of view. She gave chase. The last I saw of her was when I was paying. She was still chasing the manager, only now there were two security guards and a police officer chasing her, too.)

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