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We Hope He Was In A Hurry To Get A Carseat For His Kid!

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My friend and I are maybe seventeen years old. My friend is driving, and we’re on a two-lane road that is kind of windy and has some small hills on it. There is no passing on the road at any point simply due to the fact that you cannot see what’s coming around the corner.

The speed limit on the road is thirty miles per hour because there are some residential houses on the road, and so many turns and bends in the road make it unsafe to go much faster.

We come upon this part of the road where it goes up a hill for about 150 feet, and then at the crest, it goes back down around 200 or 250 feet, but then the road bends to the left and you cannot see what’s coming around the bend of the road.

As we approach the bottom of the hill, my friend is already going about thirty-five miles per hour. A pickup truck flies up behind us from almost out of nowhere and the driver is right on our bumper. The guy is so close that we cannot see his windshield, just the grill and headlights of this truck, and he’s flashing his headlights.

Being teenagers and feeling like we should teach the guy a lesson, my friend slows down as we’re going up the hill. He takes his foot off the gas and we slow down to maybe fifteen miles per hour as we reach the top of the hill.

This doesn’t keep the guy in the pickup truck from backing off. He’s still right on our bumper. Once we reach the top of the hill, my friend puts his foot back on the gas pedal and we start to slowly pick up speed, but this just isn’t working for the pickup driver. He swerves across the double yellow center line to pass us.

This choice of action leads my friend to step on the gas pedal, and for a few moments, we are racing the pickup truck down a two-lane road that goes for a few hundred feet before going around a bend. I look left and see a young girl, maybe around the age of five, not in a child seat. She has a look of fear in her eyes as she stands on the passenger seat, clinging to the headrest.

Me: “Just let the jerk pass us, [Friend]. He’s got a little kid in the truck with him.”

My friend agreed and slowed down to let the truck get in front of us just before we got to the bottom of the road where it bent around the corner. Not even a second after the truck got back in the right lane, a car coming from the other direction came around the bend.

My friend and I, not making the best decisions at first, were almost the cause of a head-on collision that would have certainly gotten someone killed. Then again, I’m not sure if the pickup driver’s decisions were in the best interest of his daughter as she rode with him.

All in all, an accident was avoided by us, but it did make us rethink our choices when it comes to trying to teach someone a lesson when driving.

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