We Have No Remorse For Your Buyer’s Remorse

, , | Right | October 9, 2018

Customer: “How much is it for [item]?”

Me: “$299.00.”

Customer: “Hm, okay.”

(She buys it, and the next day comes back in.)

Customer: “I don’t think I liked that price.”

Me: “Sorry?”

Customer: “On [item].”

Me: “I’m sorry. Was the item broken?”

Customer: “No, it worked.”

Me: “Did you not like the item?”

Customer: “No. It’s the price I don’t like.” *sees my puzzled face* “I just think it’s too high, that’s all! And, I could’ve spent it on my rent. I’ll come back to speak with the manager about it, and let him know.” *leaves*

(I told my manager, and he laughed and said that buyer’s remorse is extremely common. First time it happened to me!)

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