We Have No Power, Starring Samuel L. Jackson

| | Right | September 23, 2008

(During a major power outage that left all of Cincinnati in the dark for days, a woman calls the theater asking about movie times.)

Customer: “Hi, what movies do you have playing today?”

Me: “None, we don’t have electricity.”

Customer: “And what time does that start?”

Me: “Ma’am, we aren’t open.”

Customer: “That’s too early, what else you got?”


Customer: “I heard that was no good.”

Me: “We can’t show movies because we have no power!”

Customer: “Is that the movie with Samuel L Jackson?”

Me: *gives up* “Yes, ma’am. It starts at 6pm but you might want to be here early because it gets crowded this time of day.”

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  • ITrollLiberals

    If there is no electricity, how and why are people there working?

    • Aaron

      Landlines can still function during outages, actually. It’s a way to keep a way to contact emergency services.

      Edit: and for the real question (misread yours) How many stupid bosses have we seen on this site again?

      • Smorgesborg

        These days, with all lines being converted to fibre optics, you have no phone unless you have internet.