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We Have No Loyalty To Your Stupidity

, , , | Right | July 29, 2018

(We have a lot of customers who just give their first and last name to make a reservation for our hotel. As such, we cannot tell if they are part of our loyalty club. Members of our club get a free cookie.)

Guest: “Hey! I didn’t get my free cookie!”

Me: “Are you a member of our loyalty—”

Guest: *scoffs* “I sure am! Member number [number].”

Me: “Let me check the computer.” *checks* “Sir, when you made the reservation, you only gave your name and not your number.”

Guest: “So?”

Me: “Well, we have no way of knowing whether you are a loyalty club member if you don’t provide your club member number. So—”

Guest: “Well, that’s not my problem. They should’ve asked me when I checked in.”

Me: *resigned* “Yes… they should’ve.”

(Later, I spoke with the person who had checked him in. She said that he interrupted with an, “Okay, thanks,” snatched his keys, and hustled off when she’d asked.)

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