We Have A New Number One Problem

| Friendly | October 20, 2016

(One of my roommates got a puppy. Unfortunately, they had no intention of training the dog. This was only one of many, MANY scenarios, and it happens when the pup was roughly 4-6 months old…)

Roommate: “Okay, well, we’re off for the evening!”

Me: “Have fun!”

Dog: *pees on the welcome mat while their owner is standing on that same mat*

Roommate: “Oh, [Dog].” *sighs* “Well, anyway, see you later!”

(My roommate then left the house, without scolding said dog for using the house as a potty AGAIN, and without cleaning the mat that they saw their pup pee on. I once caught the dog peeing on the living room rug in front of their owner, and the owner said “We don’t have to clean it; it’s just urine!” I moved out shortly after this.)

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