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We Have A Hutch That This Company Has A Messy Desk

, , , , , | Working | May 6, 2020

I am about to turn thirteen. My mother wants to get a desk from a popular shipping site for me, so she goes on a popular company’s store website and orders the desk, complete with a hutch.

Desk #1 looks nothing like the one we ordered, so we call the company and they offer to send us a new one, just like the one we ordered, for free.

We have high hopes for desk #2, but when it arrives it is dinged up and things are off-center, so we take pictures of the damage, and the company again offers to send a new one at a reduced price. I joke to my mother and tell her that if it keeps going like this, we’ll have a free desk.

Lo and behold, desk #3 is damaged, and the hutch is even worse off. The company apologizes profusely, and my mother, being a patient person, tells them that if the next one is damaged, we will be taking our business elsewhere. The company offers to have somebody inspect it personally moments before it is packaged, to which we agree.

Five days after my thirteenth birthday, the desk arrives, and in no condition to be used. The workers that brought our desk upstairs — also provided as compensation by the company — even say we should ask for a refund.

My mother gives up. We’ve never ordered from that company again.

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