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We Got You PINned

, , , , | Right | March 2, 2020

(While working as one of the front end managers, I am called over to a register by one of our cashiers in need of assistance with a difficult customer.)

Me: “Hello, I’m one of the managers. How can I help you, miss?” 

Customer: “Yes! She refused to swipe my debit card!” *pointing to our terrified cashier*

Me: “Miss, we have the PIN pad here for you to swipe your form of payment, select a cashback option or digital coupon—”

Customer: “Fine! I spend plenty of money here; she could at least swipe my card!” 

(The customer swipes her card and stares at me through large sunglasses indoors while sipping expensive coffee. After about a minute of nothing happening, I spin the PIN pad around to see the PIN spot blank.)

Me: “It’s asking for your debit PIN, if you can put it in here…”

Customer: “Haha, oh! What, she can’t do that, either?!” 

Me: “Depends. Do you normally give out your bank information and PIN to strangers?” 

(The annoyed customer behind her burst out laughing. She slammed in her four-digit PIN, grabbed her groceries, and left.)

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