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We Got There Eventually, No Thanks To That First Employee…

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My big sister is getting married and she wants me to go clothes shopping. We have a “can’t live with each other, can’t live without” relationship, but things go amazingly well between us that day… except the shopping itself. I am plus-sized — too big for “regular” clothes and too thin for the “special plus-sized stores” — and they just don’t have anything decent in my size.

I enter a boutique, and the lady behind the counter immediately states:

Employee: *Bluntly* “We don’t have anything for you here. Nothing will fit you.”

She doesn’t bother to ask about my size. After a few checks (we are desperate at that moment), nothing seems to fit, and we leave.

After seven — SEVEN — hours of shopping with no luck, we enter a store that has easy access to the mall that is attached to the train station. We just plan on going through the store, especially since it is fifteen minutes before closing.

Sister: “Wait, they have dresses here. Let me check real quick.”

I am depressed by now, but sure, let’s check things out. We end up in the cocktail dresses section.

Sister: “They have your size!”

We hurry as fast as we can, looking through the dresses, and we find a nice one. I rush into the dressing room, and other than being super long, the dress fits!

Saleslady: “Excuse me.”

We are worried the lady is going to ask us to leave, but she would have every right to.

Saleslady: “I just wanted to say that if Miss comes over here, she can have a better look at the dress. Oh, and a seamstress can easily make it shorter for you. Oh, and it’s on sale today; I thought you might want to know that.”

We still hurried, and after a thumbs-up from my sister, we got the dress. My mother had an education as a seamstress, so with joy, she shortened the dress for us.

My family thought I was completely overdressed for the wedding, but since I received a thumb of approval from the bride herself, I couldn’t care less and felt pretty for the first time in my life. The store no longer exists, but I still remember the warmth that the saleslady gave me. Even if she just did it for a sale, just let me keep my warm fuzzies.

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