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We Feel Sorry For Joe

, , , , , | Friendly | September 9, 2019

(One weekend morning I’m woken by my work cell ringing. I hurry over and pick it up.)

Caller: “Is Joe there?”

Me: “Who?”

Caller: “Ah, wrong number.”

Me: *slightly annoyed* “Yeah–”

Caller: *hangs up mid-syllable*

(I go to put the phone down but it rings from the same number before it leaves my hand.)

Me: *somewhat amused* “I think you dialed the wrong number ag–”

Caller: *aggressive* “I don’t appreciate how you said, ‘Yeah,’ earlier.”

(What follows is a blistering lecture about phone manners as this caller nearly shouts me down for my tone on one word. I don’t recall most of the details save for his farewell.)

Caller: “God Bless, f*** off, ya b****!” *hangs up*

(He never did the polite thing and apologize for calling the wrong number.)

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