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We Feel For This Mother But Rules Are Rules

, , , , | Right | June 20, 2023

Some years ago I was at the airport on work travel, chilling at a gate, not really paying attention to anything around me, when I heard someone melting down in front of me.

Passenger: “What do you mean I can’t get on this flight?”

Agent: “Ma’am, your child is over two. They have no ticket.”

Passenger: “You don’t understand. We just visited my in-laws and are making a connection here. No one checked his age when we left our home, and no one checked his age when we left my in-laws’ airport. You have to let us fly.”

Agent: “No, ma’am. Your child is over two and has to have his own seat.”

Passenger: *Getting more shrill by the minute.* “No one else cares! We have to get home. You have to let us fly. You can’t stop us now when no one else did!”

After much arguing…

Passenger: “FINE! We’ll pay for a ticket.”

Agent: “Not on this flight you won’t. We’re full.”

Luckily at this point, I was able to board. I did feel bad for the mother with the two-year-old but it’s rather unreasonable to just HOPE that no one will notice your kid is over age.

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