We Eat People Like You For Breakfast

| Working | May 25, 2017

(Our hotel offers both free breakfast and dinner, and so we have a breakfast supervisor and a dinner supervisor. One day, during breakfast, the dinner supervisor calls on the phone.)

Dinner Supervisor: “I need to speak with the breakfast supervisor.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll transfer you over there.”

Dinner Supervisor: “Okay, thanks.”

(The call gets transferred but no one picks up. Breakfast is in full swing. The call kicks back to me.)

Dinner Supervisor: “No one picked up! What are they DOING over there? Probably sitting on their lazy a** doing their nails!”

Me: “Actually, we are sold out and they are extremely busy and–”

Dinner Supervisor: *scoffs* “‘Extremely’? Pfft! Yeah right! I went over there in the morning once and it was soooo slow. If you want to see busy, you should see dinner time, baby!”

Me: “Well, maybe we weren’t sold out when you visited.”

(She ignores that and again asks that I go over there, find, and pull the breakfast supervisor to the phone physically. I manage to do so, and she is out of breath from running around so hard, and sweaty. They speak and hang up, and the breakfast supervisor rolls her eyes, and goes back into the fray. A few minutes later after that, the dinner supervisor arrives in person. She looks over at the loud, bustling dining room.)

Dinner Supervisor: *very bemused* “Huh, I guess it IS busy! Who knew… Strange… I came here just last week in the morning and it wasn’t!”

Me: “Because we didn’t have a lot of customers, maybe?”

(The wheels in her head finally turned as she realized, then she nodded once and walked off. Never again did she bother the breakfast crew in the mornings or call them lazy. Sad to say that she’s been working here for 10 years and never thought about anyone else working hard.)

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