We Don’t Want A Pizza That

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My partner and I decide to get pizza for dinner from a chain known for having pizzas always ready for pickup. They also have a “no-contact pickup” system in place for the current health crisis. We place an order online, and my partner goes to pick up the order. A bit after he leaves, he calls me.

Partner: “So, we’re definitely not getting pizza here.”

Me: “What? Why?”

Partner: “Well, for one, the line to pick up is across the parking lot, so it would probably be forty minutes or so before we get our pizza. But beyond that, I looked inside and the person cutting the pizzas isn’t wearing a mask.”

Me: “What the… How can they not be wearing a mask?”

Partner: “I don’t know. But I don’t want to eat anything from here anymore.”

Me: “Me, neither. Well, at least cancel the order, then so we don’t throw our money away.”

He hangs up to call the store and then calls me back a couple of minutes later.

Partner: “So they said the only way we can get a refund is by calling the 1-800 number.”

Me: “Seriously? Well, what did they say about the guy not wearing a mask?”

Partner: “Whoever I talked to said they just got in, and they would look into it.”

I just thought, “Look into it how? Look across your tiny store to the dude not wearing a mask, and then refund our money.”

Me: “Ugh… Okay, fine. It’s not that much money, anyway, but that makes me so mad. All right, see you soon.”

My partner ended up going around a fast food drive-thru to get us dinner. We still had to call corporate so we could get our $15 back. How could someone be working in food service during a global health crisis and not be doing anything to keep customers from getting sick? We’ll be telling everyone we know not to order from that store because we no longer trust them to follow food safety procedures, even after the crisis is over.

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