We Don’t Sell Misogyny Cables

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(I work at a well-known electronics retailer that recently filed for bankruptcy. The customer base is primarily middle-aged men. I am a woman. Every day I have at least one conversation like this one:)

Me: *to male customer* “Hi, welcome to [Store]! How can I help you today?”

Customer: *condescendingly* “Oh, don’t worry about it, honey; I’ll wait until he’s free.” *gestures to my male boss, who hates it when people disrespect his employees*

Boss: “Oh, I’m going to be a while.”

(My boss sits at the desk and opens a magazine, very obviously ignoring the customer. The customer actually stands and stares at my boss for a few moments, waiting for him to finish.)

Boss: “Y’know, you can ask [My Name] if you need help. She does actually know what she’s doing.”

Customer: *huffing* “Fine.” *to me, very slowly and slightly louder than necessary* “I’m looking for a special kind of caaaaablllle—” *holds up his hands to indicate a cable* “—that will connect my laaaaptop to my TV.”

Me: “Sir, I am neither deaf nor mentally disabled. You’re looking for an HDMI cable. We have six-foot or nine-foot, and would you prefer blue or black?”

Customer: *startled* “Oh! Um, six-foot, black, please.”

Me: “Okay, that’ll be right over here with our LAN and Ethernet cables, next to the splitters. Here you are; is there anything else I can help you with today?”

Customer: *sheepish* “No, thank you. That’s all I needed.”

(I rang him up and he left. Only one of these kinds of customers ever actually apologized to me, but they all left fairly red-faced.)

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