We Don’t Remember This Episode Of “The Three Stooges”

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I work for a popular chain dollar store. I wasn’t on shift when the incident initially went down but came on shift as the footage was being reviewed.

It would seem that a couple of thieves decided to come into our store to steal. Wearing oversized clothes, they split up and met back at the clothing section. They started taking packages of socks, underwear, and shirts off the pegs and stuffing them down their pants!

On the playback, we could clearly see them doing this! We all, cops included, laughed as we watched them do the shake-the-legs-and-hop-up-and-down dance, trying to make the stuff settle further. The thieves then left the store, got in their car, and drove away.

The rest of the story is compiled from info that trickled in later.

Our thieves were pulled over by the town cops just a few blocks away for — drum roll, please — not wearing seat belts! The police then saw all the stolen merchandise and no bags. So they started asking questions.

One of the thieves decided that the best course of action was to bolt from the car, because that’s not suspicious at all when asked, “Have you folks been shopping?”

The police promptly arrested the driver. The genius who ran? He did not get far and was promptly caught when his oversized pants fell down! The thieves were soon read their rights and tucked into the back of the patrol car.

Then, the radio crackled to life: a report came in that a dollar store just a few blocks away had been robbed. Wonder of wonders, the suspiciously obtained products all had a [Dollar Store] logo on them!

In the end, we got everything back, saving us almost $100 in inventory. We also now have a story that will go down as a store legend to the following generations of staff.

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