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We Do Not Support Your Lack Of Patronage

, , , , | Right | March 11, 2020

I work at a sports arena. On our tickets, it states that no one may bring in outside food and beverage. On our website, it says the same thing. The security guard who has to check for the stuff in bags and purses finds this bag of candy in a woman’s purse and tells her that it can’t come into the park. After several F-bombs in front of her children, she slams the bag of candy into the trash can and says, “I won’t be supporting this team ever again.”

As I scan her tickets, apologizing for the inconvenience, I notice that her tickets were free and that she lives out of the state. A man hearing this says, “Yep. I’m thinking of not supporting this team for the same reason.” 

I ask him how often he comes to baseball games here and he says, “This is my first one. I live in Idaho.”

I guess they won’t be supporting the team. Darn.

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