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We Didn’t Want Her Staying With Us Anyway

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: snowlock27 | September 16, 2021

I work in a hotel. A lady comes in.

Lady: “What is your AAA rate tonight?”

Me: “It’s $115, plus tax.”

Lady: “Did you say $91?”

Me: “No, it’s $115, ma’am.”

Lady: *Laughing* “I can get it cheaper online.”

Me: “Okay, go ahead.”

I then have one of my guests already in-house come up asking for two more rooms for his coworkers. While I’m getting him his rooms, I can see the lady fidgeting around the corner, playing on her phone.

After I get the guy his rooms, the lady comes back.

Lady: *With attitude* “I’ve made my reservation.”

I looked in my system, and there were no new reservations. I refreshed and still no new reservations. She then tried to shove her phone at me. (Why do people do this? Seriously, stop it!) I could see right away what the issue was. She’d made her reservation for a property ten miles away.

Of course, I had my mask on, but you’d better believe I had a big smile when I told her that she was going to have to drive another ten miles to get to her hotel. Seriously, if you’re going to get a room somewhere, make sure you know where you are and that the hotel you’re booking is the one you actually want. Talking to me with attitude definitely isn’t going to help you out.