We Didn’t Start The Fire, It Was Always Burning…

| USA | Learning | June 16, 2016

(Every time the fire alarm goes off, there is a group of kids in my engineering class who always start singing whatever fire-related songs they can come up with.)

Student #1: “If the school was actually on fire, this would probably be a lot less organized.”

Student #2: “I would just be singing ‘Just gonna stand there and watch me burn…’”

Student #3: “I bet [My Name] would be there singing ‘This girl is on fiiiire!’”

(Note that Student #3 is the only female student in the class. I walk by when I hear her say this.)

Me: *disappointed voice* “You REALLY think I would sing that if the school was on fire?”

Student #3: “Um… maybe?”

Me: “No. Maybe if YOU were on fire, I’d sing that song. If it was just the school, I’d go with: ‘Burn, baby, burn. DISCO INFERNO!’”

Student #2: “[My Name] wins!”

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