We Didn’t Start The Fire!

| Learning | April 7, 2016

(We are in physics class in an all girl’s school where the teacher has just spent ages lecturing us on safety, such as tying our hair back. He then starts a demonstration using wire wool.)

Teacher: “See, when I press the battery to the wire wool, you get fire.”

(He continues talking about why it creates fire when his tie suddenly falls off his shoulder where he’d put it out of the way, and catches fire.)

Me: *puts hand up* “Excuse me, sir… your tie is on fire…”

Teacher: *not listening* “Don’t interrupt, [My Name]! It’s distractions like that which cause accidents and risks in the lab!”

Student #1: “But, sir…”

Teacher: “Weren’t you listening, [Student #1]?! I told you all not to interrupt. The next person to interrupt will get a detention.”

Whole Class: *shouting* “YOUR TIE’S ON FIRE!”

(He finally looks down and notices his tie, which he immediately takes off and douses with water. Next time he did a demonstration, he tucked his tie into his shirt.)

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