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We Can’t Imagine Why You Don’t Like Her Anymore

, , , | Working | July 13, 2021

I have a coworker I used to be friendly with. I am no longer on good terms with her due to circumstances of her own making.

She sabotaged the hiring of someone we desperately needed and then tried to blame me for allegedly tipping him off — I didn’t — when he found another job that actually allows him to pay his bills.

She told me constantly to reassure an intern she had no intentions of hiring that we wanted to hire him so she could squeeze more free work out of him while making it look like I had falsely promised him the job without her approval.

She told me that she had informed another intern that she was being bumped down from forty hours to fifteen hours a week, and then when I actually told said intern, she pretended it had been nine hours a week.

And then she tried to get me fired to cover it all up.

This all happened during a global health crisis, all so she could ask for a raise, knowing full well that the funds would be there for her.

Unfortunately for her, her meddling failed and I ended up with the raise. Naturally, she is telling everyone that she gave me the raise in a bid to try to “win me over” while refusing to acknowledge why I would want only the bare minimum professional contact with her.

For anyone who is wondering why I don’t leave, I love my other coworkers and the work. For anyone wondering why she isn’t fired? Unfortunately, our boss doesn’t like change, so it will take some time (and a whole lot more bodies) for him to wise up.