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We Can Believe It

, , , | Right | CREDIT: accidentlyclueless | August 10, 2021

I have about three people in line, and just as I am about to serve the next person, a lady cuts in and puts her clothing items on the counter.

Lady: “Can I leave these here while I quickly go and look at some other things?”

Me: “They can’t be left on the counter, but I can put them on hold for you until you’re ready.”

Lady: “Oh, no. I want them now. I just want to quickly look at something over there, but you can start scanning them now so they’ll be ready for when I come back.”

I look at her and then look at the line of customers I have yet to serve.

Me: “No, sorry, I need to serve the customers that are already in line.”

I honestly can’t believe I had to state that out loud to a grown woman.

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