We Call Them Magic Voice Boxes, Part 2

| Right | October 31, 2011

(I am working one day when this rather angry guy comes up to me and bangs his phone down on the counter.)

Me: “How can I help you?”

Customer: “My phone stopped working and it wont turn on.”

(I fiddle around with the phone a bit. Then, I plug the phone into a charger and voila, the phone turns on.)

Me: “Sir, did you charge the battery on the phone?”

Customer: “What do you mean did I charge the phone? No one told me that I would have to use my electricity to use this phone. I thought it had a battery!”

Me: “Sir, all mobile phones have chargeable batteries. It’s standard. They need to be charged for a few hours every couple of days.”

Customer: “That’s a disgrace. How can you expect people to use their electricity to use the phone?!” *grabs his phone and storms out*


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