We Are Closed And That Is FINAL

| Right | May 6, 2017

(The retail store I work at has just closed and the manager is inquiring over the walkie-talkies how many customers are left in the store. This night there is only one lady.)

Me: *on walkie* “I have one customer in coats.” *to customer* “Ma’am, the store is now closed. Could you please bring your items to the register?”

Customer: “Yeah, hang on.”

(Five minutes later another associate approaches her.)

Coworker #1: “Ma’am, we closed several minutes ago. Our cash registers will soon shut down for the night. You need to bring your items to the register.”

Customer: “I know, I know. Give me a minute!”

(Five minutes later our security officer approaches her.)

Security: “Ma’am, we are about to close our last register. You need to make your purchase now.”

Customer: “FINE!”

(She goes to the register with two coats.)

Customer: “Can I get a discount on this? It has a small tear.”

Manager: “I can give you a 5% discount and it will be a final sale.”

Customer: “What do you mean, final sale? What if I want to return it?”

Manager: “If you want a damage discount, the item is final sale.”

Customer: “What if it doesn’t fit?”

Manager: “Then I cannot give you the discount, and you can return it later.”

Customer: “But it’s damaged!”

Manager: “Yes, and I can give you a discount for the damage, but we will not be able to accept a damaged item back to the store.”

Customer: “Fine, then I don’t want it.”

(At this point all 12 of the closing associates are standing around, waiting for this lady to leave so we can lock up, when she goes to the accessories section and begins looking through fur accessories.)

Manager: “Ma’am, we are closing down the registers now.”

Customer: “But I didn’t buy anything!”

Manager: “I’m sorry; you can come back in tomorrow. We open at nine.”

Customer: “You can’t throw me out! I’m a paying customer!”

Manager: “You said yourself, you haven’t bought anything. The registers have just shut down for the night. No more purchases can be made until tomorrow morning. Come with me and I’ll let you out.”

(The lady argued with my manager the whole way to the door.)

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