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We Applaud Your Patience

, , , , | Learning | November 13, 2019

(I’m part of a group project on communication. I end up doing the majority of the work, but when it comes to the filming portion of the project, I decide to work the camera. [Partner #1] is speaking and [Partner #2] is acting as the audience. Her only job is to applaud after [Partner #1] finishes the speech.)

Partner #1: *finishes speech*

Partner #2: *does nothing*

Partner #1: “What do you need her to do?”

Me: “Applaud.”

Partner #2: *stands up*

Partner #1: “Yeah, [Partner #1], just sit down and applaud.”

Partner #2: *sits back down and stares at [Partner #1] onstage*

Me: “Like… clap your hands.”

Partner #2: *finally claps*

(I was very glad when that project was over.)

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