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We Also Need Your Last Last Name

, , | Right | November 1, 2018

(In our hotel, the guest must enter their last name and room number to connect to Wi-Fi.)

Guest: “I can’t connect! My room is 606.”

Me: *brings up 606’s reservation* “What is your last name?”

Guest: “[Hyphenated Last Name].”

Me: “Right, that’s what it says on your reservation.”

Guest: *tries again* “It won’t work!”

Me: *internal sigh* “May I see your phone?”

(I take his phone and see that he has entered just the first part of his hyphenated last name, rather than the whole thing. When I point this out, he gets haughty and upset.)

Guest: “You asked for my last name! It’s [Hyphenated Last Name]!”

Me: “Yes, and you have to put it all on there or it won’t accept it.”

Guest: “REALLY?!”

(I wondered if we should put in, “You Must Put All Of Your Last Name Here,” at the prompt.)

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