We All Get Screamed At For Ice Cream, Part 2

| Working | May 14, 2013

(Note: My manager always brings her two young kids into work, where they continually get under the chefs’ feet and generally be the biggest nuisances.)

Manager’s Kid: “Hey you! Give me an ice cream!”

(I glance out to where the manager is chain-smoking, as usual, but she doesn’t notice me. Knowing he’ll throw a tantrum anyway if I don’t, I make him a small ice cream. A few minutes later…)

Manager: *to me* “Did you give [kid] ice cream?! You stupid girl, what did you do that for? Now you’ve ruined his dinner! And you can’t just give out free ice cream like that. Everything has to be accounted for. Don’t EVER do that again!”

(The next day…)

Manager’s Kid: “I want ice cream!”

Me: “Sorry dude; not before your dinner.”

(A few minutes later…)

Manager: “DID YOU SAY ‘NO’ TO MY SON?!”


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