We Accept Cash, Check, And Attempted Assault

, , , , | Right | January 3, 2019

(I’m in the sheriff’s office getting fingerprinted for a security clearance at a new job. When I walk in there is a large sign that says, “Cash, Check, or Money Order only; no Credit/Debit accepted.” I go up to the window and pay my fee with cash, the nice receptionist lady gives me a clipboard with the forms to fill out, and I sit down to fill them out. A couple of minutes after I sit down another man comes in.)

Receptionist: “Okay, sir, the fee will be $6 per card; you need two, so the total is $12.”

(The man gives her his credit or debit card.)

Receptionist: “I’m sorry, sir, we only take cash, check, or money order. No debit or credit.”

Man: *raising voice* “What? No. It doesn’t say anywhere that you can’t accept my card!”

Receptionist: “Actually, sir, there is a large sign right there that says it. In addition, it says it on our website.”

Man: *very loudly* “Listen, lady! You are going to take my card! I need these done today and I don’t have time to go get cash!”

Receptionist: “I’m sorry, sir, I cannot take your card. You need to come back with a correct form of payment!”

(The man lunges forward and tries to reach for the receptionist, who quickly backs up. Almost immediately, two uniformed sheriff deputies rush through a door and tackle the man to the ground. He fights with them for a few seconds before they get the handcuffs on, and then they drag him away. The receptionist regains her composure and sits back down. I bring my forms up to her.)

Me: “Here you go. Wow, that was crazy. It’s as if he forgot he was in the sheriff’s department or something.”

Receptionist: “Yeah. Now, in addition to not getting his fingerprint cards, he’ll have an arrest on his record and probably won’t pass whatever check his work is requiring.”

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