Way To Go

, | Working | May 18, 2017

(The veterinary clinic I work at is next to a popular roast beef sandwich joint. When we have dogs that are terminally ill, neglected, or just refusing to eat and therefore can’t be given their medication, there is nothing that works quite like a hot steamy roast beef sandwich. I’ve been sent to the restaurant for just this reason; I’m wearing scrub pants and a shirt with the clinic logo.)

Cashier: “What can I get you today?”

Me: “I’d like six junior roast beefs, no sauce.”

Cashier: “Anything else?”

Me: “Nope, that’s it.”

(The cashier suddenly looks like she’s trying not to giggle.)

Cashier: “Do you want that… for here… or to go…?”

Me: *catching on to what she’s thinking* “To go, please.”

(While I waited for my order, I almost burst out laughing, imagining myself wolfing down six whole sandwiches in one sitting.)

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