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Way Off On Days Off

| Working | August 17, 2012

(I have worked as a bather at a pet salon for almost four years now. Our new assistant manager has taken over scheduling and has completely changed the way we request days off. One week, I absolutely need a certain day off because I’m going to a funeral. Lo and behold, when I get my schedule, I have the funeral day on. So I go to the assistant manager.)

Me: “Hey Jen, can I ask you something?”

Assistant Manager: “Yeah, what’s up?”

Me: “Well, I really needed Friday off, but you put me on the schedule anyway.”

Assistant Manager: “Yeah, I can’t give you that day off. You didn’t give a valid reason.”

Me: “My uncle’s funeral isn’t a valid reason?”

Assistant Manager: “If it was like, your mom or something, I could give you, like, the whole week off. But, like, not for some random family member who you probably don’t even know.”

Me: “I can work any other day but Friday. I’m sorry, but I just can’t work that day.”

Assistant Manager: “Whatever. Don’t show up. I don’t care. I’d like to see your a** fired! Just like, leave!”

(I’m fed up with her attitude, so I go off to the owner’s office.)

Me: “Hey Dave?”

Owner: “Yeah?”

Me: “I was supposed to have Friday off for my uncle’s funeral, but Jen put me on the schedule anyway. She said it wasn’t a valid reason.”

Owner: *sighs* “You’re only the eight millionth person to complain about Jen’s scheduling. I’ll have a word with her, but go ahead and take Friday off. H***, if you need any more days off this week, go ahead and take ’em. I’ll make HER cover your shift.”

(I got my Friday off, and Jen was livid when she found out that she would have to take my shift. She screwed up the schedule a few more times after that. Needless to say, she’s not allowed to do scheduling anymore!)


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