The Way To Find The Rights Are Wrong

, , , , | Working | April 4, 2018

(I am new to a department that assists local banks with repossessions. It is my first day on the job and I’ve been told only to file paperwork, and that my training will begin tomorrow. I have been bombarded all day with people calling my new office extension asking to speak to the manager. I’ve been simply transferring them to her office. I get a call from a young lady who is hysterical, having just had her car repossessed.)

Caller: “[Manager] told me to talk to you. What do I do?!”

Me: “Um… Hold, please.”

(I call the manager.)

Manager: “Yeah, I didn’t feel like talking to her. Just tell her what her rights are.”

Me: “But I don’t know what they are.”

Manager: “Figure it out!”

(I ended up Googling consumer rights in my state for people who have had their vehicle repossessed and reading it off to the girl. My second day went about the same, and I ended up quitting.)

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