Waxing Lyrical About The Pain

, , , , | Working | December 24, 2013

(Waxing hurts no matter what, but at this appointment, I notice that the worker was being a lot rougher than in previous appointments. She’s also very quiet for the first half.)

Worker: *suddenly yanks a strip off* “So, how has your day been?”

Me: *whimpers* “Good. Good just—” *riiiiip* “—a little hectic.”

Worker: “Uh-huh.” *riiiiip* “I’ve seen better days myself. My boyfriend had to leave today to be with his son in Montreal.” *riiiiip*

Me: “Oh, dear. — ah! — How come?”

Worker: “The boy’s mother is hospitalized.” *riiiiip* “So, who knows how long he’ll be gone for! And on top of that and working late, I have to walk home alone in the cold because my car wouldn’t start this morning. So I’m kind of having a rough day.” *riiiip*

Me: “Oh. Um — ow! — I think it’s understandable to feel that way. Just please don’t take it out on my crotch.”

Worker: “I would NEVER do that!” *RIIIIIIIP*

Me: *whimpers* “Oh… good.”

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