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Wave That Commission Goodbye!

, , , | Working | December 17, 2021

I am buying earbuds in a large electronics store. Since there’s a huge selection and I need a specific type, I opt to wait for the floor worker to ask rather than spending twenty minutes squinting through the glass cases. 

I see a worker helping another customer, so I stand to the side and wait. The worker looks right at me, doesn’t acknowledge me, and continues helping the other customer. I think it’s all good as he noticed me and knows I’m there.

I keep waiting for another five-ish minutes until they’re done. At this point, the worker goes to the back, possibly to get some paperwork for the other customer?

When he finally comes back, I see him walking in my direction. I open my mouth to speak when he walks right past me and toward a group of customers waving him down who weren’t there earlier. Somewhat frustrated, I walk up to him.

Me: “Dude, I’ve been waiting all this time for you. What gives?”

Worker: “They waved me down first.”

Me: “But you saw me waiting!”

Worker: “Why didn’t you wave, then?”

I just turned around and walked out. I got my earbuds in the store next door in less time than I spent waiting in the first store.

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