Watered Down Break

, , , , | Working | September 30, 2017

(I work in the jewelry section of a department store. It is completely enclosed by walls of glass cases, and at least one person has to be inside at all times. We have had several people quit and have been very low on staff, and I’ve been working serious overtime while we try to find new employees. Other than jewelry staff, only managers have the security clearance to come inside to cover my breaks. I’ve just called for coverage, as I’ve been the only person there for hours and it’s been a while since my lunch break.)

Manager: *walking past* “Hey, give me a few minutes, and then I can cover your bathroom break.”

Me: “I was actually just going to take a fifteen.”

Manager: *hesitates* “We really can’t allow any fifteens right now. We’re low on staff all around, and I’m the only manager here tonight.”

Me: “Oh, okay. Don’t worry about it.”

Manager: “I can cover you for the bathroom, if you need it.”

Me: “No, that’s fine. I was just going to sit and drink some water. We close in less than two hours, anyway.”

(I headed to the other end of the section to check on a customer. A few minutes later, I heard a clattering noise, and looked up to see my manager lifting a chair from the shoe section OVER the counter and dumping it into my section. He reached over to drop a bottle of water from the vending machine on top of it, gave me a thumbs up, and walked off.)

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