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Water You Waiting For? Help!

, , , , | Working | August 26, 2020

I go to a big grocery store before work to buy some food for the day. They have these self-checkout registers and I almost always go there since it is a lot faster with my five items than to stand behind someone with a full cart.

One morning, all four self-checkouts are full and I am next in line. The guy at the nearest register has a six-pack of water, which you can only scan if you find the barcode on one of the bottles and type in six for the quantity or scan the bottle six times in a row. The guy doesn’t really know what to do so he tells the worker — who is there to help — that he’ll need help with the water.

Guy: “Good morning. I think I’ll need some help with the wat—”

The worker interrupts.

Worker: “Everything is in the computer.”

We just stare at the worker, as we do not really understand if she is hard of hearing or is just having a bad day. Around twenty seconds later, as the guy almost finishes scanning all his items:

Guy: “Erm… I would really need some help with the water.”

The worker stares at him and then, after ten seconds or so, she goes to help someone else at another register. Again, ten or twenty seconds pass and the guy only has the water left to scan, and he is looking at the worker, who is helping someone, so I step forward and try to help.

Me: “Don’t worry; it’s not that hard. You just need to scan one bottle and—”

I’m grabbing the scanner and trying to show him when the worker comes.

Worker: *Shouting at me* “Will you step back so I can help him?”

I step back and look at her, so surprised.

The guy even waits for me and wants to thank me for wanting to help him, but as he approaches me, I can only say.

Me: “I think that worker needs therapy.”

He just laughed and agreed and we went on with our day, though I seriously wanted to go back in the afternoon and complain about that worker, and I still regret that I didn’t do it.

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