Water You, Brainless, Part 2

| Working | June 8, 2013

(I’m nine months pregnant and my husband and I are at the movie theater. About half an hour into the movie, I realize that I am in labor and we need to leave. My husband and I go to the customer service desk to see if we can get our ticket money back.)

Husband: “Hi, we were in [movie] but my wife is in labor. Is there any way we could get a partial refund or something?”

Clerk: “Um… hang on. Let me get my manager…”

Manager: “So, I understand you want a refund because you decided to leave your movie?”

Husband: “My wife is in labor. We didn’t just decide to leave.”

Manager: “How do I know she’s in labor? She could be faking it.”

(Just then, my water breaks all over the floor.)

Me: “Oh s***, we have to go now!”

Husband: “You still think she’s faking it?”

(The manager prints us two ticket vouchers, while looking suspiciously at my belly.)

Manager: “I should get proof, but I’ll let you have it this time!”

(My baby was born less than an hour later.)


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