Watch What You Say

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(I work for a major auto insurance company, where we are required to take one hour daily of inbound-only calls, to help mitigate the rather large overall call volume. My call time is the last hour of my shift, and this call comes in right before the end of my night.)

Me: “Insurance, this is [My Name]. Do you have a claim number I can help you with?”

(A lady yells, “HELLO!” over the line and I repeat my greeting.)

Customer: “Yes! Finally. It’s [claim number], and this is really making me angry.”

Me: “All right, I have your claim. How can I help you?”

Customer: “How the f*** did you get my email address?! You just sent me an email saying my claim is being watched? You’re watching me now? I don’t even have a claim — it’s my son, and his car was parked, so you better tell me what the h*** is going on!”

(I review the claim, and it’s pretty easy to see: the whole family each has their own policy with us, and the mother, whom I am speaking to, provided her email address as the main point of contact for each of the policies.)

Me: “Well, ma’am, your son did file a claim with us so we could assist with the damages to the vehicle, and I see here that your email address is the primary contact for all the policies, so—”

Customer: *cuts me off, yelling* “WHAT DO YOU MEAN? HOW DID YOU GET MY EMAIL?!”

Me: *slowly* “Ma’am, you provided us this as the email when you made this policy.”

Customer: “So why did I get an email about this claim when it’s my son’s car? WHY ARE YOU WATCHING ME?! I am very secretive and no one has my email!”

(This continues for several minutes; I keep explaining just why she got the automated claims email after filing a new claim. Finally, she seems to understand that we didn’t randomly decide to dig up her information.)

Customer: “I still don’t understand how you got my email, though.” *click*

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