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Watch What You Saiyan

| Working | November 1, 2012

(I’m female and a massive anime fan. Today, I am purchasing the Dragon Ball Z complete box set from a store I often frequent.)

Cashier: “No way! Dragon Ball Z! Man, I love this show!”

Me: “Really? I never thought I’d find people that love it as much as I do!”

Cashier: “Oh yeah! When those alien guys with the tails come to Earth and blow everyone up… ace!”

Me: “…Y-yeah! I think the level of love I have for the show is over 9000! ”

(Embarrassingly, I start snorting with laughter at my own quote.)

Cashier: *suddenly deadpan* “What’s so funny about something being over 9000? Over 9000 what?”

Me: “It’s a quote from the show. You know, when Nappa asks Vegeta what Goku’s power level is? It’s quite a well-known quote!”

Cashier: “Ugh, you total geek! Why the h*** would I know something like that?”

Me: *speechless*

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