Watch What You Don’t Say

, , , , , | Right | December 24, 2018

(I am the electronics department manager at a big superstore. It is Christmas Eve, and we close at six pm. It’s four in the afternoon, and there is a huge rush of customers. I have just been asked to help a customer near our headphones.)

Customer: “Where are your Apple products?”

Me: “What kind of Apple products?”

Customer: “Your Apple products.”

Me: “Yes, but what specific Apple products are you looking for?”

Customer: *rudely* “I just want to know where your Apple products are.”

Me: “Well, we have iPods in this case right here, iPads on the other side of the aisle, accessories two aisles over—“

Customer: “Just tell me where your Apple watches are.”

Me: “We don’t carry the Apple watch in our store, only online.”

Customer: “That’s all you had to say.” *walks away*

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