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Watashi Whaaa, Part 2

, , , | Right | October 22, 2021

My boyfriend comes with me to Okinawa. I have been studying Japanese, and we have decided to go to Japan for a month for a bit of immersion and practice. [Boyfriend] cannot speak a word of Japanese beyond “konnichiwa.”

One morning, we decide to go to this cute place for breakfast. A gaggle of kids has been just in front of us, so the waitress who comes to seat us asks us how many people are in our party. 

I confidently break out my skills to tell her we are a party of two. 

Me: “Futsuka desu.”

The waitress looks confused but takes us to a table and gives us a minute with the menu. After a moment, I realize my mistake: “Futsuka” is the word for two DAYS, not two people. When she comes back, I apologize for using the wrong word and happily chirp my correction.

Me: “Futori desu!”

The waitress looked mildly uncomfortable but didn’t say much. I chalked it up to her not needing to be told we were two people when we were obviously two people sitting at a table. 

It wasn’t until the next morning that I realized that the word for “two people” in Japanese is “futari.” I said “futori”… meaning I was insisting to the waitress that we were fat. 

Now I am back in the states, and I still think about that and blush every time I go to a diner.

Watashi Whaaa