Wasting A Number Of Days

, , | Right | January 19, 2020

(I work at the front desk at a hotel. Most of our reservations go through a central location, but some people insist on making their reservations through the hotel itself; this makes no appreciable difference in 90% of cases, for the record. And I swear, I’ve had the following conversation with at least half of these people.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Hotel]; how can I help you?”

Guest: “Yeah, I need to make a reservation for [dates].”

Me: “Okay, do you have a [rewards program] number with us?”

Guest: “Yeah, hang on a sec.”

(Cue fumbling in the background — bonus if I can hear traffic!)

Me: “Sir, if you just give me your name I’m sure I can look it up.”

Guest: “No, no! I’ve got it here!”

(More fumbling. A line is forming. I’m painfully reminded of why we put most of our reservations through central.)

Me: “Sir, can I put you on hold a moment while you search for your card?”

Guest: “No! I’ve almost got it. God, have some patience!”

(Yes, because it’s not as if I have more pressing matters to attend to. In desperation at this point, I usually try to search the phone number they are calling from. Thank God for caller ID.)

Me: “Sir? Are you [Guest] from [Town, State]?”

Guest: “Um, yes?”

Me: “Excellent! I’ve found your [rewards program] number and I have your reservation all set u—”

Guest:Here’s my number! It’s—”

Me: “[Number]?”

Guest: “Yeah.”

Me: “As I said, I’ve made your reservation and sent the confirmation to the email on file; you have a wonderful day!” *click*

(The people who think I have nothing better to do than sit on a phone listening to them fumble through what is apparently the Mary Poppins bag of wallets will never cease to amaze me.)

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