Waste Not, Warn Not

| Wales, UK | Working | February 22, 2013

(Very occasionally, our small express-format store gets delivered items that we don’t stock.)

Me: “Hey [manager], we got a whole half cage of morning goods (bread, cookies, etc.) and we don’t sell any of these lines.”

Manager: “Leave it to me; I’ll deal with it.”

Me: *leaves it, clocks out*

(I come back in the next day, and…)

Me: “Hey [same manager], you know these things don’t have a long date code, yeah? Do you want me to display them on the shelves?”

Manager: “Nah, that’ll only make the system order more.”

Me: “What if you reduce them on yellow labels, then they don’t affect the sales-based ordering system because they are reduced, right?”

Manager: “Yes, thats’s right, but it affects our wastage figures. Leave it with me; I’ll deal with it.”

(Fast forward a week: I’ve nagged the manager on every shift I worked, By now, the formerly fresh products are now out of date, so I am moving them to the waste cart.)

Manager: “Hey! Stop! What are you doing?”

Me: “These are out of date now, so we can’t reduce them or sell them.”

Manager: “But that will affect our waste figures. You could have told me they were going out of date!”

Me: “Seriously?”

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