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Wasn’t Planning To Feed An Army Today

| Working | April 11, 2017

(I am at a drive-thru where you can see the order on a screen. I am distracted for some reason and not paying close attention to the order listed.)

Me: “Hi! I would like a [Meal] with a [Drink] and an [Ice Cream].”

Worker: “Um… okay…”

(Muffled whispering in background.)

Me: “Is something wrong?”

Worker: “No, ma’am… Could you please read over your order to make sure it is correct?”

Me: *confused* “Sure…?”

(I read over the list and immediately realize the error: the machine reads that I have ordered 999 Meals, 58 Drinks, and 500 Meals I Didn’t Order!)

Me: *laughing* “OH! Oh, no, my order is [Order]!”

Worker: *laughing* “All right, then, your total is [Price]. Have a great day!”

Question of the Week

What is the absolute most stupid thing you’ve heard a customer say?

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