Wasn’t Looking Too In-Tent-ly

| Working | July 20, 2013

(I am a 17-year-old girl on her way to her first metal/rock festival. I have short, spiky hair and eyeliner. My dad and I are putting our tent up ready for the three days of camping. My dad is struggling with the tent, and approaches a guard.)

Dad: “This is difficult! Any chance of some help?”

Guard: “You’ll be fine, what with this strapping young boy next to you!”

(The guard points to me, and I look confused.)

Dad: “That’s a girl.”

Guard: “No, it’s not.”

Dad: Yes, it is. Her name is [my name].

Guard: “But [my name] is a girl’s name!”

Me: “Yes… I’m a girl.”

(The guard turns around and looks at me full-on.)

Guard: “Oh, wait, yes, you are a girl! I was looking at you from the side, where you looked like a boy!”

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