It Wasn’t Berry Clear

, , , , , | Working | May 17, 2018

(I’m allergic to berries. I’m careful about reading menus and asking questions about things like fruity drinks and desserts. At this restaurant, I order a piña colada. When the waitress brings it to me, it’s a yellow drink, but it has strawberries and a red syrup in it, also.)

Me: “I’m sorry. What is that red stuff?”

Waitress: “Strawberries.”

Me: “I’m sorry; I can’t drink this. I’m allergic to strawberries.”

Waitress: *annoyed* “WHAT? It comes that way. You should have told me.”

Me: “But I ordered a piña colada—”

Waitress: *interrupting* “It’s Miami style! That’s how we serve it!”

Me: “Your menu doesn’t say that.”

Waitress: “Well, you should have told me. How was I supposed to know?”

Me: “How was I supposed to know your piña colada had strawberries in it?”

Waitress: “That’s how it comes!”

Me: “Your menu doesn’t say anything about that. It’s coconut and pineapple. It’s not like I ordered a piña colada and then told you I was allergic to pineapple.”

(She begrudgingly took it away, then came back to tell me that they ran out of piña colada mix. I double-checked the menu to make sure I wasn’t crazy, and it said nothing about strawberries.)

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