Wasn’t Bargaining On It Being Frozen

| Right | February 8, 2017

(I am at a local small anime/cartoon convention. Though the con is mostly anime themed, some vendors sell sci-fi or fantasy merchandise. With me are my brother and sister. My brother loves quoting movies. We come to a vendor selling games and random figures. I’m checking out the figurines when my brother asks about a game.)

Brother: “How much for the game?”

Seller: “$40.”

Brother: *with an incredulous voice* “$40?! No, ten!”

(The poor seller looked so baffled by the sudden change of attitude and I put my face in my hands.)

Me: “Sorry, he’s quoting Frozen.”

(From the scene where Kristoff yells at the shopkeeper for pricing winter gear very expensive during summer, before getting thrown out. The seller laughed and said it was actually clever, so he offered my brother a $10 discount.)

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