Wasn’t Banking On Them Doing Actual Banking

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The bank I work for took over another bank; my former job was quality control comparisons with regard to their previous bank.

Me: “Is there anything you’ve noticed in the few weeks you’ve been with us you feel we can improve on?”

Customer: *Obviously lying* “Well, my old bank would let me overdraft, not charge me fees, and pay for the items I was purchasing.”

Me: “So, if you had $5.00 in your account, they’d let you spend $500.00 and not make you pay any of it back?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “What was your incentive to keep anything more than $1.00 in your account, then, if they paid for everything anyway? It sounds like a waste to spend your money when your bank would outright just give you whatever you wanted when you needed it.”

Customer: “That’s what I’m trying to figure out now; I should call them to see if they can give me my money back that came out of my account over the years.”

Me: “They don’t exist anymore, ma’am, which is why I’m talking to you.”

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