Wash Yourself Of This New Management

| Working | May 13, 2016

(This night I am working with a coworker who is also a friend, and the new assistant manager. The other shift managers enjoy working with us because my friend and I have worked at the location for two years, so we know all the procedures and systems and we don’t need anyone watching us. We both pride ourselves on perfect meat record (meaning we have never dropped the meat). We slice our sandwich meat in the evenings to prep for the next day. The meats are all packaged in juice, so when you open them you have to open them over the trash can to avoid leaks and splashes.)

Me: *opening third turkey of the night* “Dude, we’re so awesome at this!”

Coworker: “It’s because we’re just so perfect at everything we do.”

(My coworker then drops some turkey. We stare for a second in silence.)

Both: “NOOOOOO!”

(The assistant manager runs to us.)

Assistant Manager: “What happened?!”

Both: “We dropped the turkey…”

Assistant Manager: “That’s it?”


Assistant Manager: *jokingly* “Haha. Well, that’s a shame. You guys know what you have to do now, right?”

Both: “Yes… record it and file it.”

(When this happens, you’re supposed to fish it out, weigh it, write a report on it stating what happened, just to ensure that all supplies are accounted for.)

Assistant Manager: “No. You have to wash it.”

Both: *laugh, but then see he’s serious*

Me: “Wait. What?”

Assistant Manager: “Ya. You just clean it and it’s fine.”

Coworker: “Uh… no, I don’t think that’s how it works.”

Assistant Manager: “It’s what I used to do.”

Me: “We were told to just report it and toss it. [General Manager] trained us to do that.”

Assistant Manager: “Well, I guess I can call her, but I say just wash it off.” *leaves to call GM*

(We do the report and toss it and continue cutting and are a little confused by his actions.)

Assistant Manager: “Looks like you guys were right. I could’ve sworn you just wash it. That’s what I did at the last place I worked at.”

Me: “Where did you work? I just want to be sure that I never eat there.”

(We finished up the night and closed up. My friend and I worked lunch the next day and we both made sure to tell the GM about his actions the previous night. She assured us that she would speak to him about it. He was then gone two weeks after that. Turned out that instead of counting the inventory, he was just guessing. There were also other instances and events that happened. He was replaced by a more competent employee.)

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