Was That A Test?

, , , | Working | CREDIT: A_well_made_pinata | October 14, 2020

My wife and I live and work in a remote mountain range. The closest city is three-and-a-half hours away, so when we go on a shopping trip it’s usually a multi-day affair. We stay at the same hotel every time. They charge a pet fee of $50 per stay, not per night.

Our last trip was a two-nighter as we were buying my wife a car and furniture shopping also. We own a pretty large dog so when we get to the hotel usually my wife will go check in and I’ll walk the dog.

My wife goes to check in and the manager is working at the desk.

Wife: “We are regular guests and there have never been any issues with our dog previously, would it be possible to waive the pet fee?”

Manager: “I’m not able to waive the fee unless you use the secret code. Just list your dog as a service dog on the paperwork. I’m not allowed to ask for proof and it’ll get the fee waived.”

My wife and I don’t really roll that way.

Wife: “I’m not gonna do that.”

Manager: “Again, I can’t ask for proof.”

Wife: “No.”

Manager: “It’s an integrity thing, huh? I’ve been having some issues and I feel like nobody has any integrity anymore. You’ve made me feel better.”

He waived the pet fee.

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