Was Robbed Of His Common Sense Already

| Friendly | November 28, 2016

(We are sitting behind a guy in a packed restaurant.)

Guy: *on the phone, loudly for the whole restaurant to hear* “Yeah, we’re gonna be gone [from this day to this day] while we’re in Florida.” *pause* “Yeah, here’s my credit card number.” *loudly states his credit card number AND the numbers on the back of his card* “Did you get that?” *pause* “You need my address, too? All right, then.” *rattles off his address*

(This goes on for a couple minutes and besides his credit card number and address. He lists off exactly when he’s leaving for Florida, his license plate number, his flight number, and that he doesn’t have a house-sitter, which basically meant anyone in that restaurant could’ve easily robbed his house or taken his identity while he was gone.)

My Father: *sarcastically, after the guy and his wife had left* “Well, we know when to rob that guy’s house.”

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