Was Not Their In-Ten-tion

, , , , | Right | June 16, 2020

I am a hostess at a breakfast restaurant and have no cash drawer; however, customers frequently ask me for change or help paying their bill. I’ve learned to not argue and just take their bill or cash to the nearest server for help when this happens.

Customer: *Handing me a twenty-dollar bill* “Can I get four fives for this?”

Me: “Sure! Just give me one moment—”

Customer: “No, wait. I need one ten and two fives and—” *hands me a ten* “—two fives for this.”

Me: “Of course!”

I take the ten and the twenty to the nearest server and hand him the twenty.

Me: “Can I get four fives from you?”

He trades me and I walk back to the woman, handing her the same ten and two of the fives.

Me: “Here’s the ten and two fives for the $20 and—” *handing her the other two fives* “—two fives for the ten. Have a nice day!”

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